AMD Patents Automated Memory Overclocking Device

AMD has filed a patent for a program that performs automated memory overclocking to simplify enthusiasts’ life. The app can routinely examination overclocked memory modules for security and locally keep memory overclocking profiles exclusive to a certain system.  

Dynamic Random Accessibility Memory (DRAM) overclocking has existed for decades. At initial, organizations like Corsair cherry-picked memory ICs that could properly do the job at large frequencies and/or with lower latencies. It then designed modules that have been confirmed to do the job at unique frequencies, timings and voltages but needed those people configurations to be entered manually into BIOS. To simplify things, Intel introduced its Severe Memory Profiles (XMP) — options stored in a module’s serial presence detect (SPD) chip and can be activated on supporting platforms — in 2007, and just about all fanatic-grade memory at the moment will come with XMP profiles.