CPU-Z Invalidates Gigabyte’s 8 GHz Entire world Report Amid Lack Of Evidence

Gigabyte’s 8 GHz Alder Lake planet file fiasco has lastly appear to an end. Doc TB, CPU-Z Validator’s developer, has verified that CPU-Z has turned down Gigabyte’s CPU-Z submission immediately after the producer unsuccessful to offer evidence of the overclocking feat.

The CPU-Z group has been in get in touch with with Gigabyte in an attempt to shed some gentle on the overclocking document. However, the enterprise was not able to deliver above concrete proof of how it allegedly pushed the Core i9-12900K to 8 GHz. In accordance to Doc TB, the authentic submitter, which we suspect to be overclocking guru HiCookie considering that his title was on the submission, even admitted that he was not capable to reproduce the 8 GHz result.