Hardware Timestamping Engine Subsystem Merged For Linux 5.19

Hardware Timestamping Engine Subsystem Merged For Linux 5.19

When just a day prior Linus Torvalds was questioning the proposed “HTE” subsystem, currently on this last working day of the Linux 5.19 merge window he determined to land this new subsystem.

The Components Timestamping Engine “HTE” is for remaining equipped to effectively associate hardware timestamps with particular functions like from GPIOs and IRQs. Linux kernel drivers can sign-up as components timestamp vendors though other regions of the kernel can request the activities they are fascinated in to be timestamped by mentioned vendors. With Linux 5.19 the preliminary start “shopper” of the HWE subsystem is a NVIDIA Tegra Xavier driver and integration with GPIOs. Expanding the protection of the HWE assistance is anticipated about the coming kernel cycles.&#13

As published about in yesterday’s write-up, Linus Torvalds was worried more than just getting this one supplier implementation (NVIDIA Tegra), the pull ask for coming late in the merge window, and not becoming fond of the subsystem title.&#13

His fears nevertheless seemed to have largely passed — with Intel at the very least perhaps including to the HWE subsystem in the long run — and now he merged the preliminary 3k strains of new kernel code.&#13

Linus commented on the mailing list he continues to be unhappy with the “HTE” name. NVIDIA’s Thierry Reding elevated the concept of still maybe renaming the HTE subsystem with the Linux 5.20 kernel cycle afterwards this summer time.