Intel Celebrates $3 Billion D1X Mod3 Fab Expansion in Oregon

Today, Intel opened a $3 billion expansion at its D1X fab in Oregon. The expansion, called DX1 Mod3, adds 270,000 square feet of cleanroom space to the facility. Intel explained that the extra capacity will be used to aid in the development of next-gen silicon process technologies. Thus, D1X Mod3 is intended to speed the achievement of Intel’s roadmap goals towards Intel 20A and Intel 18A, as well as refining technologies like RibbonFET and PowerVia.

Thinking about Intel, you might casually assume its Silicon Valley corporate HQ in Santa Clara is its beating heart. However, this is not the case. Hillsboro, Oregon, should instead hold that position as the long-established home of global semiconductor R&D for Intel. Considering this, it comes as little surprise that, also today, Intel has announced a new name for that nearly 500-acre campus: Gordon Moore Park at Ronler Acres.