Intel Releases Quick AV1 Video Encoder for CPUs

Staying a single of the Alliance for Open Media founding associates, Intel has carried out a ton to promote the AV1 codec and make it far more obtainable to content makers/vendors and finish-customers. Intel was the initially to supply hardware AV1 decoding with its Xe-LP GPUs in 2020. This week it unveiled model 1. of its fast open-source Scalable Video Technologies AV1 encoder and decoder for CPUs. SVT-AV1 works with all present day processors. 

The AV1 open-supply video codec was designed for ultra-large-def resolutions, wide coloration gamut, and higher-dynamic array enhancements. AOMedia stated in 2018 that its AV1 was 30% a lot more economical than present codecs (implying generally on H.265/HEVC that is designed for related 4K+ information), which is a massive deal. But one difficulty with hugely-economical codecs is that they are exceptionally hungry for resources and usually need components acceleration to get the job done correctly. Meanwhile, modern CPUs have a large amount of resources and new guidance that can be utilized to decoding and encoding, which is precisely what SVT-AV1 does.