Xbox Sequence X Dev Kit Teardown Reveals 40GB GDDR6 RAM

Avid gamers Nexus recently purchased 1 of Microsoft’s Xbox Sequence X Developer Kits (XDK) when on the lookout for a juicy matter for a tech video. Adhering to a reader idea, the TechTuber obtained the components through eBay for a sum in the area of $1,500. Regrettably, having said that, Microsoft banned the console prior to Gamers Nexus could carry out any application screening. Yet, Avid gamers Nexus soldiered on to investigate the hardware facet of the mysterious XDK and, between the factors found, noted that it arrives with 40GB of GDDR6 put in. For reference, the client console has 16GB of GDDR6.

Gamers Nexus editor-in-main Steve Burke showcased Microsoft’s XDK hardware. Just after revealing there would be no gaming/software package tests due to the regrettable machine ban from Microsoft, we received a tour of the exterior of the machine.